Burner Selection in Industrial Boilers

The biggest expenses of the manufacturing industry come from known energy costs. Therefore, the optimum valuation of the energy used in production affects the input cost very much. The increase in natural gas prices in particular requires maximum combustion efficiency. Efficient use of fuel is also associated with efficient combustion systems and the transmission of combustion resulting gases to the process flow in the boiler

Accurate and efficient combustion will not only affect the cost of fuel input. Efficient combustion of the workforce in the system to a minimum, such as providing fault maintenance and repair, etc. it also severely reduces inputs.

The correct measurement and selection of the boiler, burner and chimney trio and its compatible operation is an element that is reflected directly or indirectly in all costs.  In fact, the evaluation of waste gases in another part of the system with economizer is another gain.

The burner, whether liquid or gas, must be correctly determined according to the values of the boiler. Generally, the fault is to wait for the burner manufacturer or boiler manufacturer to choose within the capacity range. However, the project engineers who handle the whole system as a whole detail their choices and make the right choice according to the general need.

The main considerations that should be considered,

  • Minimum and maximum energy values required by the plant,
  • The amount of heat required by the plant during the production process,
  • Boiler system thermal capacity and net efficiency,
  • Pressure of the boiler system and chimney,
  • Annual temperature variability of the facility’s altitude elevation,
  • The type of fuel to be used, liquid fuel is viscosities, gas is LPG,NLG,NG differences,
  • Boiler combustion chamber dimensions,
  • Dimensions of the selected burner’s flame length and flame diameter,
  • How the burner works (single / double stage, proportional),

The flame diameter and flame length of the selected burner must be in the dimensions of the boiler combustion chamber to provide complete combustion and a proper heat dissipation. According to the type of fuel to be used only liquid, gas only or dual (liquid/gas) fuel burners together with the choice of operating principle for system efficiency should be single, two or proportional stage.