Dungs New Generation MBE Series

Dungs new generation MBE series MultiBlock and valves have taken their place in the product trees of Üret burners.


MBE series MultiBlocks are useful products that increase the added value of our burner and provide flexibility in the global market with many features.

MBE series MultiBlocks with its magnetic coil-free operation feature, energy supply variability allowed the product to operate at any voltage.

The absence of regulator spring, membrane gasket and pressure sensor nozzles in the new generation MBE MultiBlocks prolongs the working life of the MultiBlock, and the boiler room has been an ideal choice for Üret burners by eliminating combustion imbalance problems caused by ambient temperature differences.

Especially in environments with low temperatures, opening, closing, flow settings and pressure regulation actions are controlled electronically and smooth operat

ion brings ease of use. In addition, its high efficiency with electronic pressure detection system is naturally reflected in the performance of our products.

These MBE series MultiBlocks has the lightweight and stylish design, high energy efficiency, modular structure, mechatronic design and world-class certificates, with these features as we produce long lived and high efficiency burners with the Dungs MBE series that add value to the Üret Gas burners.