What is burner? How Does Burners Work? Industrial Burner Types

What is burner?

what is burner

What is burner? A burner is a device that provides the fuel to burn fully under control by mixing with air at optimum ratio. Industrial burner is a key product for heating technologies. To explain burner, we need to know the subject of combustion. Combustion, the combustible components in the fuel with the oxygen they came as a result of the chemical reaction is defined by the release of heat.

Burner and combustion are two terms that can not be separated from each other.

As known the heat is a energy source. When the fuel is reacted with oxygen, combustion takes place and heat energy and light is released. The main target is get to heat after conversion of chemical energy to thermal energy.  It is a form of energy that we need in many areas in our lives, from heating, feeding and production.

The most basic product between free burning and controlled burning is burners.

The combustion process takes place by reacting with carbon, hydrogen and sulfur oxygen in fuel. As a result the hydrocarbons and water vapor reveal.

Result of the combution of liquid fuels consist  bright yellow and has very high radiation properties.

Cause of the hydrogen rate inside the gas fuels occurs  more to water vapor than liquid and coal combutions.

How burner works?

When we ask how burner works; the burners burning the fuel controlled and transferring the heat homogeneously to the correct channel is done with a combustion chamber.  The heat energy produced by the flame is transferred to the place where the energy is required by means of a combustion chamber.

The burner motor is powered by electrical energy to operate the fan used to feed combustion air to the burner. The engine in the liquid fuel burners also transfers the fuel to the oil pump and the liquid fuel is transferred to the fuel nozzle at a high pressure.

Fuel is kept under control in gas burners with the help of solenoid valves and regulators. The high-voltage transformer, which creates the spark needed for the first ignition, also comes into play with electrical energy.

With the fuel coming from the fuel line to the ignition head, the air that is blown to the combustion head with the help of a fan in the main body of the burner mixes homogeneously through the special turbulence system and the combustion takes place.

An electronic Combustion Control Relay  controls pre-sweeping, ignition time, flame control, fuel amount, on-off or gradual or proportional operation of the burner safely in the appropriate time and steps.

By controlling fuel and air mixtures, the optimum efficiency of the mixture is obtained by the technical services by making sensitive adjustments with the equipment on the burner to ensure safe and efficient combustion

The electronic advances in burning control, the generation of new equipment and fuel air mixtures at an optimum level as a result of the Uret turbulence system, have reduced the exhaust gas emission levels to a minimum and the amount of heat produced has been greatly improved.

The Burner word comes to our lenguage from Franch language and it has large combutions meaning.It named Burner in English language, Brenner in German language and Bruleur in Franch language.

Burner Types

It would be more appropriate to categorize the burning word in various classes by considering the meaning and technical characteristics of the burner.